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Settembre 5, 2012

Fly low cost Maldive at 491 euro. Only with Qatar Airways.

Low cost Maldive. Who has not dreamed, at least for a moment, to relax on wonderful beaches and crystal sea? And what is the first destination […]
Agosto 22, 2012

Discovering a different playground at Faroe

How I found playground at Faroe Islands? We journey to discover the Faroe Islands. The views are really beautiful, but traveling in the car so I […]
Settembre 12, 2012

Walking with donkeys …

This past weekend I participated in a blog tour organized by the Azienda Agricola La Piemontesina of Chivasso: trekking with donkeys for campaigns. As soon as we […]
Agosto 10, 2012

Sanaga River – Cameroon

Cameroon. The crossing of the Sanaga River, the longest river entirely Cameroon.  
Agosto 20, 2012

Hotel Alpenhoff in Tux. Austria. Perfect relax for family.

Do you like spas and health centers? If the answer is yes, you should not miss this hotel. Alpenhoff in Tux, Austria, near Innsbruck. Its wellness […]
Luglio 2, 2014

CoderDojo in Milan!

Coderdojo. Do you know what is it? Over the past few months I happened to take a trip a some different than usual: we could almost […]
Agosto 25, 2012

Tasmania boat trip and wild life.

Tasmania boat trip and wild life.  
Giugno 11, 2014

Oman. Emirates. Practical tips low cost.

Oman. Emirates. Practical tips low cost. Muscat, Oman was a forced stop of our trip to Sri Lanka. A discovery: a pleasant stop forced. Public taxi To […]
Luglio 8, 2014

I dreamed a school that…

  Valeria, your path in the middle school is finished and another piece of life is over. You quickly packed in a box, with the desire […]