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coderdojo in milan

Coderdojo. Do you know what is it? Over the past few months I happened to take a trip a some different than usual: we could almost call it a trip ontheroad in the technology. For some Saturdays I had the great privilege of being able to participate a Coderdojo in Milan.

Coderdojo in Milan

Coderdojo is an important international project. In Milan it teaches to children and young people the basics of the different programming languages.

coderdojo in milan program

This is done by having fun, becoming enthusiast and above all it comes into contact with a world completely different from my normal and very charming and inspiring.


At the arrival you register and we will be given a name tag. From there it enters and begins an adventure in your favorite programming language. I tried HTML once and then Minecraft more times. I prefer Minecraft because I found it more engaging and attractive.

coderdojo in milan introduction

During the course of HTML have taught us how this programming language with practical demonstrations (a girl was “dressed” by the body of the text); We tried inserting the code, create drawings, and to change the color in some of the work. All completely in english, because english is the language of technology and informatics.

coderdojo in milan introduction

During the course of Minecraft instead we tried to change the texture of cubes: each side had a different texture custom and was created by us with paint.


It was really interesting create our own textures, but mostly it was great to have learned how to change the code of a game. Even with our limited knowledge, the result has been achieved and in the end everything worked perfectly! What satisfaction!

coderdojo in milan arduino robot

At the end of the course we were also shown a series of projects with the Arduino created by mentors, with their children. An Arduino is a particular board that connects the computer with, for example, a robot, and is controlled with Scratch. Think that was invented by us here in the Piedmont!

coderdojo in milan arduino robot digital plant

One of the creations shown is a digital plant, with a outdoor card sensitive at the temperature, at the companionship (voice sound)and in the light. The nicest thing about this working was just the see the plant which understood the noises in the room and it was so sad in silence, if it was left alone and happy together.

This course allows you to quickly and easily learn with fun things that are not found elsewhere, to see a world where the web and the technology show their potential and are not always condemned as is normally done in all the environments that I frequent.

When I get home I am so happy of what I’ve learned that a lot of times I wake-up most of the night to put into practice the things who I’m afraid of forget!

coderdojo in milan arduino

Think that when it comes time of break, no one of us guys go to stand up because we are too busy to do work who we’re doing.

Should compel us to stop and have breakfast!

Just as happens in school!

coderdojo in milan arduino

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