Google Trips to plan your travel. It was never so easy!

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Stay in paradise at the Faroe Islands
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Google Trips to plan your travel

Have you heard mention about the app of Google Trips to plan your travel, yet? Simply unique!

After have already shown to you our Google Destination test, a new app is ready to help us during our travels by an easy, intuitive and immediate way like only Google and few other ones can do.

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Google Trips to plan your travel

Google has decided not to miss the great part of travellers that love to plan and organize their travels alone, like we do, and have never enough time to do it. Google Trips to plan your travel is very good!

All of you that love to plan your trips and your holidays alone like me, know well how much time this activity needs. And, say that, how many times on board the intercontinental flight we read in a hurry, underline and dog-ear to the guidebooks’ pages we didn’t have the time to read and study like we would wanted, yet.


Google Trips to plan your travel


Today everything becomes easier with Google Trips to plan your travel: if you are already in the destination, the app simply geo-localize you; on the contrary if you are planning everything before leaving it will be enough to put the destination.


Google Trips our test

As you know if you follow me on the social networks, I have just bought a flight for a long on the road (over a month): Ghana, Togo and Benin. So I have decided to test it right with the Accra town, the capital of Ghana, not right a common, popular and taken for granted destination.

So, well, in the app are gathered into a group the “things to do” in Accra and  the search gives incredibly several possibilities. You even think that the things to do in the town are really many but to find them it doesn’t exist even a Lonely Planet guidebook exclusively dedicated to Ghana…

The first visit suggested is the Ghana Accra Temple: by an easy and immediate way the history and the main news about the temple. And then two keys: direction (to reach it) and official website. Just under, the map with the exact placing.


Google Trips to plan your travel


The score awarded by the reviews with the usual method of the 5 stars is in evidence, so you can understand immediately if the attraction deserves, and from the beginning of the first reviews if it's fit for you.

Travelling not everyone wants the same things and is interested in the same activities. Using Google Trips to plan your travel, the search of what we are interested in specifically becomes immediate.


Google Trips to plan your travel


Oslo for our Google Trips test

Let’s try to put a more famous and tourist destination: Oslo. Here, too, there’s a series of places to see orderly by score in the reviews and supplied with photos. The several sections will help you to filtrate what you are interested in: outdoor activities, indoor activities if the rainy day forces you to revise your plans, activities for children, furthest, and then all the places in the alphabetical order.


Google Trips to plan your travel


A little star next to the photo allows to save the place to see in a dedicated “favourites” section to have quickly close at hand what you are interested in.

Don’t you think Google released an app only to do a bit a copy of what already exists simply ordering, do you? The novelty, and above all the practical and immediate things, are really many.

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I believe it is right the “immediacy” word that defines better than any other ones Google Trips to plan your travel!


Google Trips to plan your travel


Create itineraries by a practical and quick way

Once we have searched for the things to do and have saved those ones we are interested in mostly…what do we do when we plan our trip? Easy: we study the itinerary. With Google Trips, everything is already done: it will be enough to open the Day Plans section to find the most popular and interesting attractions divided per area.


Google Trips to plan your travel


So, in Oslo it opens the section related to the Bygdoy peninsula (one of the most interesting areas of the town) with the 6 most interesting activities. The map shows the route to visit them all by a very easy way: next to it a photo refers to the description of every single activity and a course opens the itinerary to which we are used using Google Maps. Travelling times, transport means and even (other unique convenience!) the opening hours of the museum and the average time of stay inside for the visit!

What’s the thing I love most? Google Trips to plan your travel gives the same tour I did in our on the road in Norway and without haven’t authorized it to access my emails, yet!


Google Trips to plan your travel


Don’t you like the itineraries already done? Do you have less time? Do you have more? Do you want to see absolutely those three things that there are in the other part of the town? No problem. It will be enough to click + on the bottom and a general wider map of the area will show you with a pellet every single attraction.


Plan a specific day with definite timetables

Put the time in your hands (specific day and timetables, in the morning, in the afternoon or the whole day), put the day of the week and start to select by a pin the attractions. The system will match the data put, the travelling times, the opening hours, the preferences and all the rest. I assure you that since I know how much time this operation usually needs (for people like us, too, even thought we are good and quick in using the net), all this will seem magic to you!

Then if you want some particular itinerary, something specific, unusual or who knows…the magic wand key is what is fit for you!

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Now it’s time to eat, whether it is a quick lunch, an elegant dinner, a cocktail or an aperitif, the dedicated food and drink section of Google Trips to plan your travel is available for you.

The practical sections (local food, music, for families, low cost…) will help you quickly to select the perfect location for you. Select it to see reviews, short description, direction to reach it, map, website and telephone number to book in a flash.


Google Trips to plan your travel


Even the position of the automatic ticket offices

The last two sections of Google Trips to plan your travel concerns the practical info. Do you arrive to the airport and want to know how far are you from the town centre and how are the ways to reach the town centre? They are listed with a simple click: from the taxis to the public transport, to buses and trains. If you open the Uber section, it will estimate the run’s amount; if you open the train one you’ll find the direct links to the official websites, the travelling time, the ticket amount and even the opening hours of the ticket offices and the position of the automatic ones! The same thing applies to all the other means.

The public transports section gathers not only all the public transports means – in Oslo also the ferry, always with website (where you can book the ticket that in Norway costs less online), timetables, leaving place… - but also all the info, the amounts and the physical and virtual places where to buy all sorts of travel cards, town pass and all other options.


Google Trips to plan your travel


Is it more convenient for you to use the taxi? Here they are the links and telephone number of all town companies always updated and the Uber section, of course.

The last section gives us all the info about the best walks on foot with the directions and the descriptions (for example: area closed to traffic, panoramic promenade on the sea…). And the two wheels lovers will find all bike sharing services with links, amounts and tips for the itineraries.

At last but not least, as people are used to say, there’s still a very useful section with the things to know for the specific destination where can find, for example, the opening hours of shops and banks, the info about alcohol consumption, percentage of taxes, the main shopping districts, the shopping centres or the markets…in short, every essential info and that we always need during our trip, gathered by a practical and quick way.


Google Trips to plan your travel


Do you think it is finished, yet? I didn’t have talked to you about the first section, called reservations, yet. Are you like me? Always in a hurry, you book thousands different flights for your husband who has to go to that specific place for business, your daughter has to move by a flight booked by other people but you have to add the last route….your flight to accompany her elsewhere but with two separate flights in different times because since you are already there you decide to stop a day more for business and things like that…

You don’t believe it but now my situation is like that and I have so many flights fit in booked that I am terrified by leaving some member of the family in some airport in the world due to the fact that I could have forgotten to book a flight or a coincidence!!!

Anyway, if the reservation section is able to help me…it will help everybody! It will be enough to allow it the access to your Google email and it automatically will get all your bookings of hotels, ferries and all the rest and it will gather them in this section.

If you before used Wallet and found it practical…now everything is here at your hands, divided per travel. Of course, it is available without Wi-Fi, too, like many other sections of the app.

What to say? I go and check my thousands future tickets and I check not to abandon my daughter in front of some desk without any ticket.

You listen to me…download and try to use Google Trips.

Enjoy your trip!!!


Google Trips to plan your travel

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