I realized a robot with Arduino!

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I realized a robot with Arduino!

As you know I often attend Coderdojo Milan and during one of the meetings I were literally bewitched by some boys taking robots and a digital plant realized with Arduino.

I immediately got information about what it was and how it worked and I must tell I liked it more and more.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina

The discovery of Arduino

So, I convinced my parents to buy online Arduino starter kit and still before it were delivered to me, I started to read and download every program, project and to watch videos.

When finally it arrived, after a time it seemed endless to me even if it was only 2 days, I began immediately to try the initial projects.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina

I spent with Arduino every free moment and in the evening I never wanted to go to bed because I had to continue making practices. Once finished and made work the initial projects, I wanted to try doing something else a bit more complicated.

The robot: my creation

I searched a lot on the web because my aim was to create a robot from nothing, without anything prepared, I didn’t want to use things already working but I wanted to start from zero.

So I searched a lot on the web, both in Italian and English language and finally I have found a project I liked really much.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina coderdojo in milan

I listed the pieces I needed and I began to search them on the web, finding them only in the UK.

The realization

Just in those days arrived the call from Agnese Addone, Italy Coderdojo Champion, with the very pleasant invitation to attend the CodeIT in Rome 2014 as ninja Coderdojo and show in that occasion my working robot.

But my robot was only a project and there were still really only few days to go…

There wasn’t enough time to make me send the pieces; so after thousands of phone calls I could be able to find the pieces in Gallarate, so my dad went there to buy them.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina 3d printer

At this point…I had to make by myself because you have to know my parents aren’t programmers so they couldn’t help me.

Time was pressing and I worked on it even several nights: by day I had to go to school and made my homework and only after finished my “duty” I could work on it.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina coderdojo milan maker

Once assembled everything I began to program and then I went to a Maker section of Coderdojo Milan where people helped me to understand the code’s errors and set a bit whole. At the end of the afternoon the robot, my creation, worked!

The robot is working!

You can imagine my joy when I finally saw it leaving and moving!!!

The most difficult part was done so it was left only to give it a touch of art and test it a bit.


On Wednesday 15th  October , just have finished the school, we left to Rome and the following morning, on time, we were at “CodeIT in Rome 2014″ at Spazio Europa of Italian Representation in Italy.

There I met really lots of people interested in my robot realized with Arduino. Everyone made videos, took photos, asked me questions and even interviews. When people asked me my age they were astonished by the fact I was only 13!

robot with Arduino valeria cagninatalk coderdojo

Very soon arrived the moment to talk I and Agnese. She explained a bit what Coderdojo is, she told about the vicissitudes of my short thesis (I already told about them in Todi and also I wrote a post) and she showed it to everyone as “a short thesis not 2.0 but 10 out of 10.0!.”

It’s useless to say I was really delighted by this thing after the way it was treated and looked out on by my school!

My presentation

At that point I had the chance to introduce myself and to tell about my robot a bit. It is able to detect the obstacles thanks to a distance sensor and to avoid them; then it looks for a more free way to move.

During the conference I even met Riccardo Luna, the Italian Digital Champion.

He listened to my intervention and he liked it very much: he, too, was surprised I was so young.

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina talk

There were really lots of people listening to me and my intervention struck. You think the following day Dol’s Magazine even wrote a post about me making really a lot of compliments.

Also Coderdojo Milan asked me to tell about my intervention on their blog. What a honour!

I’m really happy to had the chance to attend and have had a so great opportunity!

Now I started again to work: I would like to expand my robot putting on it a solar panel because it uses up really lots of battery. Furthermore I have to modify it a bit because sometimes…it still hits!

What do you think? Do you like the idea?

I like it very much…but maybe you already got it!

robot with Arduino valeria cagnina talk

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