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Settembre 26, 2012

Go! In boat on Lake Orta!

This summer I went with my cousins ​​and my uncles on Lake Orta, in Pella. We had dinner at a pizza place on the lake shore […]
Maggio 30, 2013

The international travel bloggers for Cesenatico Bellavita 2013

An international Blog Tour organized by Consortium Cesenatico Bellavita. Many international travel bloggers, some of whom arrived for the occasion from the other side of the world came to discover […]
Giugno 17, 2014

Travel in Camargue. France. 25 pictures to inspire the trip.

You can go in Camargue for nature. There are a lot the place in the world where nature offer the best, one of this is surly the Sri Lanka, […]
Dicembre 30, 2013

Helsinki in winter. We walk in the town.

Helsinki from this particular perspective from which this photo was taken, it looks like any seaside town with a bit snow, as there are many in Italy. […]
Giugno 25, 2013

On the sea with old boat at Cesenatico Bellavita.

I partecipated to blog tour internazionale #CesenaticoBellavita and we went to do a tour on sea by old boats with yellow and red sails. In the morning we get up early and we go […]
Luglio 17, 2013

Reportage from Maldives: reef, snorkeling, fish and dolphin.

Thinking to Maldives immediately evokes the image of fine sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and relaxation. There are a lot of last-minute deals that offer holidays and […]
Giugno 11, 2013

Galapagos. Enchanted Islands. Even low cost!

Today, to know Galapagos. We host and we know in this post Giulia and her blog Viaggiare Low Cost. A true alone backpackers that explores the world. We go […]
Febbraio 13, 2013

Jökursárlón: short trip in the most beautiful Lagoon across the iceberg!

We arrive on board of Norrona Smyrilline at Seyðisfjörður in the east coast of the Iceland. It’s mid October. We couldn’t ignore the lowest cost offer to […]
Ottobre 23, 2013

Maldives: dinner on the beach on the deserted island.

I have already spoken of the Maldives and in particular the spectacular reef that the choice of boat for holidays in the archipelago allows you to see. But […]