Ottobre 23, 2013

Maldives: dinner on the beach on the deserted island.

I have already spoken of the Maldives and in particular the spectacular reef that the choice of boat for holidays in the archipelago allows you to see. But […]
Maggio 29, 2013

Venice, Copenhagen and an idea I have had in mind for a bit!

Venice, Copenhagen and an idea Today I tell you about a journey which is being planned and not about a journey I already had, like the […]
Maggio 23, 2013

Niagara falls from Canada, nice pictures.

  Niagara falls from Canadian side with garden park. Landscape. Amazing point of view.   Wonderful experience only the brave.  
Giugno 11, 2013

Galapagos. Enchanted Islands. Even low cost!

Today, to know Galapagos. We host and we know in this post Giulia and her blog Viaggiare Low Cost. A true alone backpackers that explores the world. We go […]
Giugno 19, 2014

Travel in Norway. Bergen. 23 pictures to inspire the trip.

Norway seen from the sea gives the best of himself. As I said for the Netherlands, which expresses the best by channels, you can’t see the Norway if you […]
Luglio 3, 2014

Visit Mont Saint Michael. France. One night,…

Getting to Mont Saint Michael one evening, during a long #ontheroad trough France, just September 29, the anniversary of St. Michael, it isn’t something that happens every day. Visit Mont […]
Giugno 17, 2014

Travel in Camargue. France. 25 pictures to inspire the trip.

You can go in Camargue for nature. There are a lot the place in the world where nature offer the best, one of this is surly the Sri Lanka, […]
Maggio 6, 2013

Las Vegas. The world of entertainments!

Some pictures from unique and particular town: Las Vegas!    Absurd and fascinating the buildings, the hotels and the inifinite entertainment place.   Venice: enchanting and […]
Giugno 5, 2014

Holland in Houseboat: tulips e camping

As you have seen from my social profiles, it’s been a bit ‘of time from my trip to Nepal  and this time I did good tour […]