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Ottobre 17, 2012

I met Santa Claus in Finland!

February. And this time where we went on vacation? Are you thinking of warm seas and exotic locations? All right. You are mistaken. I told you […]
Agosto 28, 2012

Ice hotel! The coldest hotel in the world is in Finland!

Last year, during our trip to Finland, I had the opportunity to visit an ice hotel beautiful. Everything was completely realized with ice. I had already heard […]
Dicembre 20, 2013

Northern Light. Tips for all!

A post about the northern lights to answer at all questions that I receive often, especially in this period of year when the winter of the far north, […]
Dicembre 30, 2013

Helsinki in winter. We walk in the town.

Helsinki from this particular perspective from which this photo was taken, it looks like any seaside town with a bit snow, as there are many in Italy. […]