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Maggio 23, 2013

Niagara falls from Canada, nice pictures.

  Niagara falls from Canadian side with garden park. Landscape. Amazing point of view.   Wonderful experience only the brave.  
Luglio 17, 2013

Reportage from Maldives: reef, snorkeling, fish and dolphin.

Thinking to Maldives immediately evokes the image of fine sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and relaxation. There are a lot of last-minute deals that offer holidays and […]
Giugno 5, 2014

Holland in Houseboat: tulips e camping

As you have seen from my social profiles, it’s been a bit ‘of time from my trip to Nepal  and this time I did good tour […]
Marzo 18, 2014

Usa. A cowboy experience in Texas!

Texas is a curious place, “the Lone Star State” in the common European imaginary. It’s one of the most charming places of the whole of the […]
Gennaio 2, 2013

Maldives underwater, wonderful world!

Maldives underwater. The reef in the Maldives is spectacular. Infinite are the life forms that create picturesque and hypnotic scenery. You can spend hours and hours […]
Febbraio 27, 2014

Chitwan: my adventure in the national park!

Chitwan  is one of Nepal national park  which today I want to tell. After seeing the Himalayas from the top flight, we went here. My visit […]
Luglio 1, 2013

Iceland. Hverarönd geothermal camp.

This is a gloomy day in mid-October completely different from the beautiful day of yesterday which allowed us to see the lagoon of icebergs with its wonderful colors. We head […]
Marzo 20, 2013

Markets in Sri Lanka to jumping in a real life!

Do you want to discovery the daily life of Sri Lanka and touch its name so famous “Island of Smiles”? Don’t miss the markets. Versione italiana. […]
Settembre 26, 2013

Tent camp to spend the night in the Sahara.

Spend the night in a tent camp in the Sahara desert is an experience worth trying. After living the desert and tried our first tented camp (luxury tent camp!) thanks […]