Giugno 30, 2016

Nantasket: vacanze al mare a Boston

Avete mai pensato alle vacanze al mare a Boston, mentre state esplorando questa meravigliosa città? Dovete sapere che a soli 25 minuti di traghetto da Boston, […]
Giugno 11, 2014

Oman. Emirates. Practical tips low cost.

Oman. Emirates. Practical tips low cost. Muscat, Oman was a forced stop of our trip to Sri Lanka. A discovery: a pleasant stop forced. Public taxi To […]
Giugno 18, 2014

Pistoia: another park in the town in Tuscany

If you have followed me in post #Lillyontheroad in Pistoia, you knowed that was held on the second Sunday of June, a very special event that I have discovered […]
Marzo 27, 2014

Ontheroad: new section that will be posted during each trip.

After a few exchanges of views with other bloggers in the comments to my post #nevadofiero, about to share or not ontheroad and during the trip, to stop some […]
Luglio 15, 2014

The spectacular Rome by bike!

After Coderdojo in Milan, I’d like to remain in Italy. Today I want to tell you about one of my short holiday in Rome. Rome by bike […]
Maggio 29, 2013

Venice, Copenhagen and an idea I have had in mind for a bit!

Venice, Copenhagen and an idea Today I tell you about a journey which is being planned and not about a journey I already had, like the […]
Aprile 29, 2014

9 reasons to explore Holland by houseboat

Explore Holland by houseboat Holland is beautiful. Wonderful. But you know that the good way to explore is by canals and the houseboat is the perfect way. […]
Marzo 4, 2013

In Marostica…but not for the Chess Game!

Marostica… why? An explosive idea of Monica, an invitation born a bit quietly by publishing a status followed by a great enthusiasm and a dedicated post where we […]
Luglio 24, 2014

Freeppie to traveling free. Really!

Do you know Freeppie? Maybe you met during my #ontheroad in Florence for Social Treasures Hunt through the town or you’re wondering what it is. I’ll […]