Marzo 25, 2014

Costa d’Avorio. Turisti fai da te? No… GdS

Oggi, per raccontare la Costa d’Avorio, vi presento Giovanni e Paola. Due grandi amici nella vita offline che a volte sono anche nostri compagni di viaggio. […]
Gennaio 9, 2014

I’m the winner of the Family Travel Award! HWTBA13.

A tweet, an email arrived by chance during my journey in Nepal. It was no easy to give an answer due to the shaky and sometimes […]
Marzo 27, 2014

Ontheroad: new section that will be posted during each trip.

After a few exchanges of views with other bloggers in the comments to my post #nevadofiero, about to share or not ontheroad and during the trip, to stop some […]
Luglio 24, 2014

Freeppie to traveling free. Really!

Do you know Freeppie? Maybe you met during my #ontheroad in Florence for Social Treasures Hunt through the town or you’re wondering what it is. I’ll […]
Giugno 7, 2014

LillyOnTheRoad a visitare Pistoia! Toscana.

7 giugno 2014 Si scaldano i motori. Il saggio di ginnastica ritmica di Valeria sta per cominciare e poi… via verso Pistoia! Ecco gli hashtag di […]
Marzo 25, 2014

Ivory Coast. Tourists do it yourself? No… GdS

Today, to tell about Côte d’Ivoire, I introduce Giovanni and Paola. Two great friends in offline life and sometimes they are also our fellow travelers. Yes. I know that […]