Tricks to travel saving time and money

Planning a perfect on the road
Planning a perfect on the road
useful tips to plan a journey to Ibiza beaches and coves
Useful tips to plan a journey to Ibiza
Tricks to travel saving time and money

Tricks to travel saving time and money


Travel saving is possible through a few simple tricks and cues, save meant as money but also as time.

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We all know time is always too less when travelling and a good planning before leaving or an active online connection when travelling can help to make simple operations we not always think about and revealing very useful. Let’s see what they can be.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Travel saving

We’ve already talked about the simple operations to do when choosing the trip and before purchasing the flight or the holiday: from the cookie and the chronology cancellation, to the enrolment to the newsletter of the airline companies, where often the offers and the best reductions (those ones which immediately fly off) are advertised.

Here I add a tendency I ran into during the last period and that characterizes several airline companies, above all the cheapest and low-cost ones.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Don’t look for the flight you are interested in

Or better, don’t search for it too often and don’t look for it in the dates and times more fit for you. Surfing the net incognito and removing cookies and chronology, don’t cancel the fact that who runs the direct website knows well what you are looking for.

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Once the prices of the ticket were raising gradually the seats were sold. Recently, the tendency is to make them raise, even when these are searched often even without closing the purchase. Then if they are searched many times, from different connections and maybe different cities, prices will reach crazy amounts.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


If you notice this and the travel date isn’t impending, my tip is to cancel everything and abandon the search for a few days. It often happens that (above all out of the season and for less crowded routes), without sold tickets, prices return to lower amounts. Save when travelling it’s worth it to have a bit of patience.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Always look for one ticket at time

Also if you travel in company or with your own family, always and only look for one ticket at time: often if you put more seats, the systems automatically applies the biggest amounts even if maybe there are still seats at lower amounts.

Together with this tip, to save when travelling, there’s that one to search separately for back and forth. In this case, too often it will be easier to find lower prices. If more airports are convenient, don’t forget to search for the cheapest solution in all airports and for all routes.

Separate there and back and by different airline companies

Another little trick I tested lately on Skyscanner is that the search using the word “everywhere” often reports lower prices. I mean I search for a single domestic flight Milan-Naples and I find a price. Then I search again for it, always incognito, and after have cancelled everything, with Milan-everywhere in the month I am interested in.

So I’m going to filter Naples and the dates I am interested in and it will be easy to notice 5/7€ less on a route maybe of 30-50€. So I’ll do the same thing again for the return.

You need to plan in advance and be patient to save when travelling!


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Follow the airline companies on the social networks

Follow them on all the social networks to save when travelling. Often the airline companies offer reductions and advertise them first on Twitter and the day after on Facebook. Maybe they offer bargain prices only for the outward journey or for the return.

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If you run into one of these cases, purchasing separately you won’t have any problem with that hateful iniquitous tax many airline companies unfortunately still applies: you cannot use the return ticket if you didn’t use the outward journey one.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Take advantage of free stopovers and open jaw

Often the airline companies offer these stop overs services (of one or more nights stop where the company has the hub) and open jaw (return ticket in different towns) free. I already talked about it as regards Tap Portugal.

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Even with a little difference in the ticket amount, it can be a very good way both to visit a town and to save remarkably on transfers when travelling.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Keep in mind the local holidays

Often the local holidays of the destination or the stopover airport make the ticket amount rise, as well some particular festivals or events.

A quick surf googling will allow us to understand why, to select the dates out of holidays or maybe to take part into particular events we haven’t thought about before.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Use the web and the right apps to save when travelling

They are many and have to be selected according to your travel way. “Ok maps” can be used on Google Maps to get maps offline, Google Trips to plan at the best your visits, your movements and your bookings. will allow you to have in your hands maps and itineraries offline, PayandShare, iSpent or many other ones will allow you to share by a convenient and quick way with your travel mates the money spent.

Googling the airline company and the flight number will allow you to check the flight status and always have the delays under control.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Avoid the useless expenses

Perhaps they are done due to boredom at the airport, maybe by distraction we go into a café to buy a bottle of water instead to go to the supermarket. There are many ways to save when travelling and at the end they could realize a good tidy sum.

Above all if you travel with children, always take with you an empty bottle or a water-bottle you will fill at the drinking fountain after the checks at the airport, so you won’t have to buy very expensive bottles of water at the airport or during the flight.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Choose carefully the seat on the plane

You can easily find the perfect seat on your flight through SeatGuru. Do you want to know another less known little trick that can reveal very useful?

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If you are two people travelling, instead of booking two near seats, book the two outermost seats of the three seats row, leaving the middle one free. Whether the plane is full it will be enough to ask for a seat change to our neighbourhood: on the contrary, whether the plane is not full, it’s very likely that no one books the seat in the middle. Here it is a simple little trick to travel comfortable and large!


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Find free activities

It’s easy to find free and/or discounted activities, above all in the American cities or in the big European ones. Keep under control websites like Groupon, Meetup and Eventbrite: you’ll certainly find many activities you could be interested in at low-cost prices and many free activities. Do you remember when Valeria has told how she went canoeing free on Charles River in Boston?

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Use BlaBlacar, Netflix and all the other similar systems to save quite a lot in the transfers when travelling.


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Simple tips

Always take with you:

  • A power strip besides the universal converters for travellers. Many times the sockets in the hotels are inconvenient or they are few. By the power strip it will be more simple to recharge all the devices contemporarily. If there’s a modern TV, you can use also its USB to recharge something in a flash.
  • A belt for money: it’s the safest way by far for money. It’s better if it’s waterproof. You can buy them or make them custom-made.
  • Always a pen within reach for the customs documents. At the airports you never find them and have it already with you can make save a lot of time when travelling.
  • Gel disinfectant within reach, to use regularly, above all when you go into public places, like airports and subways. It will be easy to avoid colds and flues when travelling.
  • Podcast, films, music, books and some offline games on the devices for the long flights and the dead moments of wait. Doesn’t the airline company have monitors on every seats? You’ll be always equipped to not get bored.
  • The tape with the notice “fragile” to mark your luggage. Nobody does it and usually everyone will take care of the notice “fragile”. How less problems for your luggage that will travel untouched!
  • An emergency clothes change in your hand luggage. Whether your luggage in the hold is lost or arrives late…don’t you want to find yourselves at the Maldives with the pullover, do you? Or at Svalbard with flip-flops?!

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Tricks to travel saving time and money


Ask for a free upgrade at the hotel

Why don’t you try to ask kindly the reception for it when you check-in? In some places in the world the denial will be strict, perhaps in other ones they will do it alone. Asking is lawful, answering is good manners. At most you will have nothing to lose!


Tricks to travel saving time and money


Low Cost Travel Guide

All these tips to travel low-cost, besides many other practical and cheap tips are hold in our Low Cost Travel Guide.

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Low Cost Travel Guide

Because travelling low cost is possible. Travelling isn’t free, but it can cost much less than what you always have thought.

In the Low Cost Travel Guide, you’ll find tips and useful cues to travel with your family spending less than what you always have thought. Explicative screenshots and explanations step by step to start immediately travelling without spending a fortune.

What are you waiting for?

Click and download the preview of our Low Cost Travel Guide!


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